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  • HAWASLY Company

    IT’s a Syrian institution established in 1994 and has worked in field of information technology since the beginning of the entry of these technologies to the Syrian market

    While working on the permanent goal of the company Which is the successful establishment of business and relationships with service providers and technologies in the local and global market.Therefore, the company's work during this long period focused on providing technical and security solutions and protecting data and information.

  • :Company Strategies


    • Our main objective is to achieve leadership in the Syrian market in providing integrated solutions and services.

    • We Strive for a new and distinctive vision is focused on providing integrated solutions, in addition to Featured support and after-sales service, based on our long experience in the local market and Special Reputation.

    •We strive to deliver our Message Which adopts on a strong, safe, and fast environment for information technology as well as building long-term relationships with our customers and striving to work through innovation and modern technology.

    • We believe that What distinguishes us in our business areas is first the credibility with our customers, distinctive service, and innovative solutions.


    Since our inception, our company has been keen to provide the best services, products, and solutions, Believing in that we have a Participatory approach in execution our projects, we view our customers as our partners in their projects, and with this vision, we were able to get the confidence of many true partners. We know that the excellence in our work is in the after-sales service, which is keen to provide the cheapest and best services through a work team has a practical and moral experience and the same basic vision. We always keen in our works to provide our solutions that contain our products, we have always been thinking about finding solutions for our partners rather than offering products. I would thank all our partners who have always helped us to offer this package of successful projects and thanks to the work team.


    General manager

    Mohammwd Rodwan Hawasly

Specialists & Professional
In a professional and Distinctive way ,we offer all our services in a advanced, innovative and scientific method, because we are specialized in this field and follow all that is new, developed and creative. We will be the best and increase our professionalism and grow up in our specialization.
Our principles
Over 25 years of experience will ensure you get the best service