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Another solution for documenting your documents, especially certificates and paper issued by your institute, is through a security sticker containing security signs.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of this solution is the self-distortion Once you try to remove the sticker from the paper or document fixed on it, the sticker will be damaged.

Which differentiate us in the field of security solutions is the programmatic link and the Electronic Documentation of all these solutions, we have a set of software that organizes and supports the work of these solutions from the stickers issuance programs and management programs of All these details are specialized details for each customer individually to cover all points of his work and avoid any gaps in the Security solution, , Otherwise turned prevent the forgery to document it

The most important features of these stickers:

Can not be removed after installation unless it is completely shredded - very thin thickness not exceeding 15 microns - carries the University Colorful logo of any measure chosen by the University - easily installed manually - can contain a barcode or 

numbers or 2D barcode to verify the poster through the university's website. It can also

Add multiple security Signs such as:

- A complex engineering design around the client's logo

 - Thermal fingerprint protection and confidential inks

- serial number and barcode

- Visually variable ink

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