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Security Paper

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These are specially designed papers that are manufactured with a different formulation and specification than commercial paper, which can contain a watermark with a fixed design ,or manufactured with the customer's logo when required in large quantities. Security papers are available in multiple weights and measurements upon request.

Security devices that can be added to the security paper:

1. Security hologram: It is a metal foil - or semi-metallic - thermally installed on the security paper.

hologram registers globally with a fixed logo on behalf of the client and can be as a sticker added to the ordinary paper

 2. Protection of thermal capillaries.

 3. Protection against erasure and chemical reaction

4. Protection against abrasion and scratch

Protection of confidential inks: It is a secret print of the country logo or the client's logo on the security paper, do not appear to the naked eye, but only appear under the ultraviolet light.

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